Flameless Candle Navy Small

Product Description

The kids are asleep, and dinner is ready but there's still something missing - an atmosphere.
Due to the children, you have decided not to keep any matches or candles in the house. For safety's sake therefore LaVida's flameless navy candle will add the romantic touch.
The 'flame' might be replaced by an LED but it will provide the right amount of light to illuminate your partner's face. The wax, however, is as real as Shane Warne's model at Madame Tussauds. But this candle won't give you the blues and put you in a spin. This specific item is navy blue, but the kind of blue that brings serenity to any situation.
You're almost finished your meal and the little ones stir and you're forced to rock them to sleep again. Then you both head to bed and you've left the LED candle burning but all you'll need to do in the morning is buy a new battery.

Product Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x10cm
Product Material: Wax

Maximum quantity available reached.

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